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Best city electric bike of 2020

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Looking for the 2020 best electric city bike? As of today, we have reviewed multiple electric bicycles. Comprehensive performance summed up a hotebike city electric bike cheapest electric bike with the highest cost performance

city electric bike

The best rated electric bike is independently researched and developed by Hotebike. It has a simple and atmospheric appearance and looks very cool

city electric bike

The motor for electric bike is equipped with a 36V350w high-speed brushless motor with strong power and is called a small steel gun in the city.

best electric city bike

Suspension aluminum alloy front fork, enjoy the best suspension electric mountain bike comfort while experiencing high speed riding

best electric city bike

The self-produced and developed hidden 36V10AH lithium batteries for electric bike, which looks like an ordinary bicycle from a distance, uses big brand materials, which is safer and more stable, and can enjoy 35-45km riding mileage with one charge.

best electric city bike

Hotebike electric bike lcd display, a combination of multiple data displays, so that various riding data can be grasped at any time during riding

city commuter electric bike

Tektro 160 electric bike brakes, when emergency braking, the electric motor will be cut off immediately, braking is sensitive and stable, ensuring riding safety

city commuter electric bike

Shimano 21 speed gears shifters of electric bike increase climbing ability, further range changes and greater terrain predictability. Linkage brake stage and gear lever: produced by big brands, trustworthy.

city commuter electric bike

Intimately designed electric bike lights and USB charging ports, the safety guarantee for your night riding, and the humanized charging ports prevent the trouble of insufficient battery capacity of electronic devices during riding.

city commuter electric bike

Selected high-quality and durable Kenda 26*1.95inch pattern electric bike tire, which is more in line with the height and road needs of riders

city commuter electric bike

Such an excellent configuration, cool appearance, the price is only 1099USD, can be used for short-distance travel in the city, commuting to work, outskirts riding and other multi-purpose electric city bike suitable for men and women, perfect to meet your travel needs.

Hotebike sells many styles of electric bicycles, electric mountain bikes, if you are interested, please visit the official website of hotebike and contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!


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