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Some tips for riding an electric mountain bike

specialized electric mountain bike

You need to plan knowledge about riding electric mountain bike routes. After finding the cycling route, you also need to know some knowledge about electric mountain bike riding. You will need to use a pedal assist generator instead of riding a standard mountain bike.

If you want to buy a professional electric mountain bike, our hotebike official website provides general buying tips. One of the main motivations for buying a professional electric mountain bike is to expand your riding options: you can take longer, steeper trails, or ride your favorite route twice instead of once. Electric mountain bikes also allow you to reach cross-country skiing sites, otherwise only ski lifts or vehicles can reach it.

Here are some other tips for riding an electric mountain bike.

Ride electric-assisted mountain bikes at a faster pace. One of the great benefits of electric-assisted mountain bikes is that it improves the climbing ability (torque). If the crank arm is rotated at a faster speed, the pedal assist motor will transmit more torque faster. The tempo varies according to personal preference; the average speed of a typical bicycle rider is 10 to 20 rpm (revolutions per minute), while the fastest electric mountain bike rider wants speeds above 30 to 40 rpm. Faster cadence can make the motor more efficient (extend battery life) and provide a more natural pedal assist feel when you ride.

specialized electric mountain bike

Beware of electric mountain bike pedal impact

Rocks, tree roots, wheel traces and the like can jam the bottom of the pedal during the downward stroke. And faster tempo means more hits per ride, so you need to be vigilant. This means choosing the route carefully, and negotiating roughly by coasting at the same level as the pedals or by ratcheting. When the front and rear pedals of the electric-assisted mountain bike are in a horizontal position, you will rotate the pedals backwards. Perform ratcheting.

To avoid this, many electric-assisted mountain bikes have shorter crank arms than traditional mountain bikes. Initially, using a faster cadence and a shorter crank arm will feel like you are riding a child’s bike, shaking its tiny wheels at a million revolutions. However, after riding for a while, things will become more natural.

Electric power-assisted mountain bikes easily utilize turbine power

Riding on the highest power setting (different electric-assisted mountain bike brands have different conditions of use) is a quick way to drain battery life, so use turbo power with caution. Most riders save it on the steepest slope on the track.

The unexpected result of jumping into the highest power setting on a steep hill is that you can actually flip backwards. Therefore, try different settings in your first few climbs to see which setting is best for each slope inclination. You should also lean forward more and then slide forward on the seat.

electric assist mountain bike

Electric-assisted mountain bike brakes as soon as possible before turning

The additional electric motor (and battery) makes your electric-assisted mountain bike heavy and fast, so you need to brake before turning or any time you want to slow down. The pedal assist device also makes it easier to carry greater speed when turning, and therefore lean more when turning. Electric power-assisted mountain bikes speed up when you step on the pedals, so you must pay more attention to the brakes to maintain speed.

fastest electric mountain bike

Electric-assisted mountain bikes make it easier to master the ground

In general, a heavier professional electric mountain bike means that it will be closer to the contours of the ground: the weight of a professional electric mountain bike also increases traction. Because the tires it chooses are relatively good and fit the ground, the stability of professional electric mountain bikes is better.

Therefore, when you ride an electric-assisted mountain bike, please understand the riding routes of the electric-assisted mountain bike in advance, as well as some common sense of riding and avoid various accidents.

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