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Do-it-yourself maintain of electric bikes

Like traditional bicycles, electric bike repair is relatively simple, and if done regularly, it can guarantee your pride and joy to maintain a new state.

electric bike repair

All you need is some basic mechanical/bicycle expertise and competent attitude, and you will enjoy trouble-free high speed electric bikes for countless kilometers.

In addition, by learning how to keep the electric bicycle in its best condition, you can not only expose your own “do it yourself” knowledge, but if an accident happens, you will be confident to solve most problems.

The first thing to understand is that an electric bicycle is just an ordinary bicycle with an electric motor and a battery.

Therefore, it can be said that electric bike repair is not a nightmare. In addition, only electrical trained technicians can solve potential problems regarding motors and batteries.

On the contrary, the maintenance of most electric bicycles is relatively simple, as long as you buy a high-quality pedal assist electric bike (such as hotebike A6AH26 48V500w electric bike).

pedal assist electric bike

This electric bicycle has a beautiful appearance, a high-speed motor, a large-capacity lithium battery, and a combination of high-quality accessories, superior performance,  quality assurance.

The moral of this story is that if you have purchased a high-quality pedal assist electric bike, then if you have basic bicycle maintenance skills, you basically don’t have to worry about it. You can easily replace most of the moving parts (such as brake pads, chains). , Cassettes, tires, brake rotors and rear wheels) must be replaced one or more times, just like most modern cars today, if you handle it properly and maintain it regularly, it will be well rewarded.

Continuous maintenance skills

Always store electric bicycles in a covered place and avoid rain, snow and sun.

After use, develop the habit of cleaning the electric bicycle, if the electric bicycle is muddy, dusty or generally stained with dirt.

Use only bicycle cleaners and lubricants.

high speed electric bike

Never use a high-pressure cleaner to clean an electric bicycle. This will force water into the electrical terminals of the electric bicycle’s motor and lighting system, which will corrode the components. High-pressure cleaning also forces grease to drain from all important bearings.

adult electric bike

Keep the battery of the electric bicycle fully charged, but once charged, do not stay in the “charging” state indefinitely.

500w electric bike

Ensure that cleaners and lubricants do not fall on the brakes of the electric bicycle

Always keep the chain of the electric bicycle lubricated. If you choose to use wet lubricant, make sure to clean the chain regularly. Generally, moist lubricating oil should be used on the chain in winter or wet weather, and dry lubricating oil should be used in summer or when the possibility of rain is not high.

Always use dry lubricant on brakes and gear cables.

When performing any service or cleaning work on the electric bicycle, please make sure to use a clean rag to ensure that it will not scratch the paint or contaminate the moving parts.

Make sure your electric bicycle tires are properly inflated. This will extend the life of the tire, improve safety, and reduce the rolling resistance of the motor and other components.

Use multifunctional tools regularly to ensure that all bolts and screws on the electric bicycle are tightened. Remember, there is a difference between tightening and over tightening. If you tighten it too tightly, the bolt is likely to fall off, which can cause major problems.

If you are not sure how to solve any maintenance issues, please ask the electric bike dealer or someone with the required knowledge before proceeding.

If you are not sure how to solve the problem, it is best to contact the seller for service. Do not continue riding your bicycle if you encounter ongoing maintenance problems.

Motor and battery maintenance

Do not try to repair the electric bicycle motor or battery yourself.

After enjoying an electric bicycle for thousands of kilometers, the drive sprocket may need to be replaced. Don’t try it yourself. Return it to the dealer to complete the work.

Do not try to circulate in deep water or salt water under any circumstances. This may cause irreparable damage to the electric motor and other components of the electric bicycle.

Both the motor and the battery are accompanied by a warranty, and if any other person from an unauthorized dealer performs a warranty on them, the warranty will be void.

Do not leave the battery in a high temperature environment for a long time, such as in a locked car.

Do not charge the battery in direct sunlight.

Do not leave the battery outdoors in freezing weather.

For modern lithium batteries, it is best to always keep fully charged. If possible, try not to completely discharge the battery regularly.

If you think the battery cannot reach the range it once reached, you can usually benefit from a complete regulation cycle. This requires the battery to be drained and run several times before it can be fully charged. In most cases, this will result in improved battery performance.

Remember; If you suspect that there is a problem with the battery, please do not try to open the battery. Return it to the merchant to investigate the cause of the problem.

In short, maintaining an electric bicycle is relatively simple. If you try basic maintenance with the right attitude, you can not only save money, but also help prevent unforeseen problems.

Remember, electric bicycles are just ordinary bicycles with additional motors-never try to repair the motors yourself.

Take care of your electric bicycle and maintain a regular service plan, so that you will get years of trouble-free cycling in return.

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