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Do Not Completely Charge or Exhaust Lithium Batteries

Fully depleted lithium batteries can be terrible because, as mentioned above, even if you don’t use lithium batteries, lithium batteries will discharge slowly over time. Battery damage may occur if the voltage drop is too low. Similarly, storing charged lithium batteries, or storing them when the charger is connected to the battery and power supply, has a negative impact on recoverable capacity; try to avoid putting the batteries on the charger overnight.

If you store lithium batteries for a long time, make sure that the charge is 40% to 80% of the full charge. To do this best, recharge the lithium batteries and then use a little energy in a short time by riding an electric bicycle. Be sure to check the batteries once a month in winter. Our most HOTEBIKE LCD display that show you how much power it has left. If less than 40%, please charge it for half an hour. If there is no indicator on the battery, insert it into the bicycle to check the voltage.

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