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Updated Electric City Bike A3AL28 for Sale

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Bicycle has lots of benefits for people’s health and it is a trend that many people tend to use it.

However,with the rapid development of technology,the further benefits of bicycle has been appeared.Besides electric bikes, 

the number of electric city bike has risen.

In order to meet the higher demand of customers,we updated model A3AL28 and get good feedback from customers.

The specs for model A3AL28 are as below:

1.Motor:36V 250W Brushless motor 
2.Controller: 36V intelligent brushless
3.Battery: 36V 9AH hidden lithium battery 
4.LCD 880 display 5 speed level       
5.Trye: 700*40C                                                                                                                             
6.Frame:6061 aluminum frame
7.Max Speed: 25-32km/h
8.1:1 PAS range with pedal assistant 60-80KM                                                                                                       
9.Gears: shimano 7 speed 
10.Front fork: carbon steel            
11.Brake:160 disbrake brake                                                                                                           
12.Rim:6061 aluminum alloy                                                                                                                        
13.Carton size:136*26*78cm

Super light which becomes more convenient for riders especially ladies.

A3AL28 NEW city bike


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