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How to maintain the disc brake system of electric bikes

How to maintain the disc brake system of electric bikes

Electric bike disc brake more and more popular, disc brake performance and stability are better than the traditional drum brake performance. The disc brake consists of a brake disc connected to the wheel and a brake clamp at the edge of the disc. When braking, the brake block is pushed by the high-pressure brake oil to clamp the brake disc to produce braking effect.

Electric bike driving on the road, it is hard to avoid emergencies, disc brake failure is also inevitable, maintenance has become a friend of electric car maintenance every day will encounter problems! Small make up here to summarize the disc brake failure:


1  The quality of upper pump affects the brake. Now some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of the fire on the pump plug made of plastic! The quality of the oil seal is also poor, this kind of pump will soon appear from the oil seal leakage or no pressure. Therefore, as long as the pump on the brake will be normal.

2  The rear wheel is locked. In this case, first open the lower pump to vent air to see the flow of oil. If the oil is ejected after opening and the rear wheel becomes lighter, it indicates the pressure problem. The fault lies in the upper pump and the oil pipe.



3 Oil on the disc brake impact. If you just repaired a set of disc brake, after a night and no pressure, put the air, back to normal, after a night and appear the same problem, most of this situation is the problem of disc brake oil. This is because the poor quality of the disc brake oil in the brake time will absorb moisture in the air, water and disc brake oil chemical reaction to generate air, this is the main reason to let the brake pressure.


4 On the pump back and middle card. Some on the pump would not be back before long and the CARDS in the middle of the phenomenon, this kind of circumstance is oily, or factory production of lubricating oil with less, in this case replace good oil, and heavy disc brake is special lubricating oil, please do not use loose fluid spray, because you will be good at the time, after a few days will loose liquid corrosion caused the spill oil seal!


5 Impact of oil pipe on brake. On the tubing will be affected by the temperature, thermal expansion and contraction; Noon temperature rise, oil pipe expansion, on the oil pot dish brake oil flow, resulting in no pressure. At this time, the maintenance and refueling will return to normal, but at night the temperature drops, the oil pipe shrinks, the disc brake oil squeezed on the oil can, just added the oil will make the oil can too full, resulting in the rear wheel dead, this is what the car repair friends often say, normal in the daytime dead and normal in the evening no brake during the day.



Disc brake system maintenance warranty


1 Check before riding

– operating system handle, brake force like “sponge” soft, can not play the role of braking, the brake system into the air, please go to the repair shop for exhaust.

– check whether the brake fluid leaks, if so, please wipe the brake fluid leakage, timely to the repair shop to find out the reason and repair.

– check whether there is sediment in the brake tongs, and clean it up if there is, to prevent the sediment from causing the non-return of the brake oil cylinder and friction disc, affecting the braking effect and the life of the braking system.


2 Check regularly at the maintenance station

– check whether the brake fluid level is lower than the minimum score. When the brake fluid level below the minimum line, to add the right amount of the same specifications of the brake fluid to the top line. The drop of brake fluid level indicates the wear of friction disc and brake disc or the leakage of brake fluid. It is necessary to further check the wear condition of friction disc and brake disc or the leakage condition.

– observe the color of the brake fluid. If it changes, it indicates that the brake fluid has aged and needs to be replaced.

– check the wear condition of friction disc and brake disc. Check the friction disc and brake disc. When the friction plates are worn to the marking line, they must be replaced in pairs.



3 Replace brake fluid regularly


– brake fluid, also known as brake oil, can be divided into alcohol brake fluid, synthetic brake fluid and mineral oil brake fluid according to its raw materials, process and use requirements. Brake fluid has low freezing point and good low temperature fluidity. High boiling point, no bubbles at high temperature; Good chemical stability, non – corrosive braking system of metal parts and rubber parts and other properties.

Now the electric car disc brake effect although becomes better, but the structure is more complex. In master some disc brake maintenance knowledge, the use of maintenance can not be ignored.

But if your e-bike has a mechanical disc brake, you don’t have to worry about that.



Mechanical disc brake, by the tension of the brake line let caliper brake disc friction and clamping, brake effect.

Disc brake mechanical abs working principle: using a rubber air bag in the valve body, when the brake is pressed, the pressure of brake oil is given and filled into the valve body of abs. At this time, the air bag USES the air layer in the middle to return the pressure and make the wheels avoid the lock dead point. When the wheels are about to reach the next lock point, the pressure of the brake oil causes the air bag to repeat its action, which can be applied 60 to 120 times in a second, which is equivalent to continuously braking and relaxing, resulting in a result similar to that of electronic ABS. Therefore, the mechanical ABS anti-lock system can avoid losing control of direction and wheel sideslip in emergency braking, so that the wheel is not locked when braking, so that the brake efficiency can reach more than 90%, but also reduce the brake consumption, extend the service life of the brake drum, disc and tire twice.


The difference between oil pressure disc brake and line pull disc brake


1 The difference of force conduction type

The wire pull disc brake (wire disc) is through the hand pinches the brake handle, causes the brake handle and the brake clamp to connect between the wire tube the steel wire tension, drives the brake clamp to tighten, thus lets the collar piece clamp on the disc to brake. The hydraulic disc brake when the oil pressure from the main pump to the cylinder, so that the brake shoes to brake disc clamping, in order to achieve the effect of tight brake.

2 Security

Oil pressure disc brake better than the traditional line pull disc brake safety

3 Weight

The components of the bicycle are lightweight, and the hydraulic disc brake system is lighter than the linear disc brake system.

4 Extensive use

Wire disc, cheap, easy to maintain and replace is its advantage. The steel wire is broken and can be replaced. The material is easy to find. But the oil dish because of the craft question, the replacement is troublesome, the cost is high.


Disc brake maintenance

1 Transmission system maintenance: mainly lubrication. The most effective means is to add lubricating oil.

2 Braking system maintenance: the braking system is related to the personal safety of travel, so it is particularly important. In addition to keeping all moving parts sensitive and reliable

Also, always check the brake block for travel clearance and wear.

3 Three shaft maintenance: three shaft there are several. Divided into ordinary shaft, seal shaft, bearing shaft, etc. But no matter what kind of shaft, if the time for maintenance.

4 Brake line and change speed of the line maintain: general brake line and change speed line have athletic conduit, the two ends of these conduit can enter a few dirt and moisture unavoidably, cause the rusting of the line extremely easily, should take out the line, put the butter on the line all round wear again into had installed.

5 Front and rear transmission: check high and low speed gears. Secure the bolts to moderate or tight.



Disc maintenance

The main task of the disc is to accept torture, the role of pure suffering. Material is stainless steel more, some manufacturers do aluminium alloy dish dish, say to come loose the effect is better, also somebody does titanium reach carbon. Dish dish must match “dish brake flower drum”, general and traditional wheel rim brake wants to change for dish brake, only “whole group” replace, or use special adapter. Flower drum and disk compatibility may also need to be noted. Standard plates have six screw holes. In the early days, there were four holes. Now CannondaleCoda is still in use. The Hope in the UK is a 5-hole, but there is also a custom 6-hole. Germany’s Bees is a non-screw-locking machine that is a bit like a “club tooth” or “ratchet” and only USES its own flower drum. The diameter of the disc is also not standardized, with 160mm being the most common, and Hope being as small as 130mm and 145mm. In principle, more intense rides are used

The bigger the disc, the greater the braking force, and usually the front is bigger and the back is smaller, or the front is as big as the back.

TIPS: it is good to wipe the dust off the dish and dish at ordinary times, pay attention to wipe with alcohol; When lubrication maintenance, the disc avoid oil, slippery, is not the brake hope



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