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How to save your bent disc

Hydraulic disc brake has excellent hand feel, stable work, good linear, strong braking force and other advantages, so it is favored by many mountain players, has a very high popularity. In the world of mountain bikes, hydraulic brakes have become a standard feature on every car, and it’s always weird when you don’t use the brakes.
Although the hydraulic disc brake brake full, stable work, but if the disc is crooked, easy to produce abnormal sound and affect the normal work of the piston, brake effect must be greatly compromised. Here, I’ll show you how to correct a misshapeless disc (this trick only works for slightly deformed discs, and is not recommended for severely deformed discs.
There are several common causes of abnormal disc sound:
The pistons rebound unevenly on both sides
Calipers are not centered
The disc is deformed (the disc or to make the disc oil)
The height of the frame and disc brake seat is not consistent at both ends
If the piston rebound is inconsistent on both sides, we can use the piston reset tool or piston gasket to reset the piston position. If the piston position on both sides of the above operation is still uneven rebound, it is recommended to clean the piston wall once, if it has no effect, it is recommended to replace the piston seal ring and refuel the brake.
The off-center caliper position can cause the piston to push out in different positions, which is one of the causes of abnormal brake noise. Above, the calipers are in the correct position so that the disc and disc must be level and equidistant from each other.
If the caliper position is not in the center position, we can loosen the screws on both ends of the caliper to adjust repeatedly until the caliper position is horizontally centered.
Brake working environment is very bad, the piston wall will remain many pieces of debris, dust, dirt will also adhere to the above, if these stains do not clean up in time, time will have an impact on the piston rebound.
If uneven piston appear rebound, you can caliper is removed first, and then gently twist the brakes, let the four piston outward with a certain degree (piston not fully launched, or piston will fall off, just need to fill oil), then use clean cloth or paper towel dirt to wipe clean the piston wall, the piston back to its original position, the calipers put back in the car again, and then observe whether piston springback is back to normal.
Still have a kind of circumstance most common, it is disc occurrence is out of shape, left and right side slant bring about brake to send out unusual sound. It’s normal for the disc to be slightly off-kilter after a long time, as long as you don’t rub the disc, there’s no need to get too tangled up. But if the disc yaw is more severe, the need for manual intervention to adjust.
The brand that a lot of make bicycle maintenance tool has the special tool that rolls out adjustment disc, but the individual feels this tool is not necessarily tasted, use frequency is not tall, can buy do not buy. Instead, use a wrench, which can be used for more than just adjusting the disc.
To correct the disc, you need to first find the deflection position, turn the wheel and carefully observe the deformation position of the disc, and then use a black oil pen to mark out the deformation.
After finding the place to swing, use the disc to correct the tool to swing the place to the opposite direction to break, force gently, avoid by all means to force too hard, otherwise the disc will break more and more slanting, finally difficult to repair.



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