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Electric pedal assisted bicycle maintenance

hybrid electric bike

Whether you want to buy the first best electric bicycle or become a proud new owner, you need to know something about how to maintain it. This is a complicated technology, and certain regular maintenance can help you drive smoothly in the next few years.

Regarding the hybrid electric bicycle, the first thing to realize is that it is a bicycle first, so it needs the same basic maintenance as a standard bicycle.

Compared with traditional bicycles, hybrid electric bicycles are stronger and more complex, so you also need to consider some other maintenance items.

hybrid electric bike

You can go to an electric pedal assisted bicycle store that has experience with your hybrid electric bicycle, and let the store inspect and adjust it every year to make it the best electric bicycle. If you ride on a regular basis, check it twice a year.

How about electric pedal assisted bicycle motor maintenance? The good news is that most electric bike motors are designed to be maintenance-free. If there is a problem (rare), the repair procedure may require the replacement of the entire unit.

electric pedal assist bike

The speed of the electric pedal-assisted bicycle slows down, you need to charge the battery, use the environmental protection mode as much as possible, and pay attention to the wind

Charging: The battery can be charged thousands of times, so even an ordinary rider can use it for several years before needing to replace the battery. For long-term storage, it is best to store the battery with a capacity of 30% to 60%. Please also note that low temperature will quickly drain the lithium-ion battery used in the electric pedal assist bicycle, so whenever the temperature gets cold, please keep the battery (if the battery is not removable, please store the electric pedal assist bicycle in a heated space.

Riding: Eco mode (the minimum assist level required on electric pedal assist bicycles) can extend battery life. On the contrary, turbocharging (top mode) will quickly drain it. Higher cadence (push the pedal faster) is also a more effective way of riding.

Wind resistance: Even on a quiet day, you can only move forward to experience wind resistance. This effect is roughly exponential, meaning that an increase (50%) from 10 mph to 15 mph requires twice the energy output (both you and your battery are provided by the electric pedal assisted bicycle) to overcome the increase in wind resistance.

electric pedal assist bike

Take care of your electric pedal assisted bicycle tires

With the motor plus the battery, and the stronger frame to support these components, the electric pedal assist bicycle is much heavier than a traditional bicycle. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your electric pedal assist bicycle has a good set of tires underneath: keep the tires inflated properly. Before each ride, please check the psi level, because under-inflated tires cannot roll effectively and cannot support your electric pedal assist bicycle well.

the best electric bike

Pay attention to electric pedal assist bicycle brake

Both heavy and fast electric pedal assisted bicycles need to have sufficient braking force, and the brakes are regularly checked and adjusted. Before each ride, look for obvious problems, such as loose parts or excessive wear of the rotor and bearing bushes. Do a more thorough brake check between riding. In order to better ride and prevent accidents.

the best electric bike

Electric pedal assist bicycle should clean and lubricate the chain

Clean and lubricate the chain regularly. Every time you ride for a period of time, the chain of the electric pedal assisted bicycle will accumulate a lot of dust and oil. At this time, you need to wipe the chain with a rag to remove old grease and dirt, and add special chain lubricant. Then wipe off the excess lubricant as much as possible, as it will only attract more grit. Please check or replace the chain regularly

The above is a brief introduction to the maintenance of electric pedal assisted bicycles. I hope it can help you. hotebike is selling hybrid electric bicycles and electric pedal assisted bicycles. If you are interested, please click on the official website of hotebike to view!



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