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Full Suspension 48V 17Ah Samsung Battery Electric Bicycle


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Motor: 48V 750W Brushless Motor
Battery: 48V 17AH Battery Samsung EV Cells
Tire: KENDA 27.5″ * 2.6″ Tires
Display: Multi functional LCD8 Display
Controller: 48V 750W Intelligent Brushless Controller
Disc Brake: SHIMANO Hydraulic Disc Brake
Gear: Shimano 9 Speeds
Fully suspension: Suspension Front Fork and Suspension Middle Device

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Full Suspension 27.5” x 2.6″ Tire 48V 17AH Samsung Battery Electric Mountain Bike

Introducing our latest innovation, the 27.5-inch * 2.6-inch tire electric bike! This remarkable upgrade surpasses the commonly used 26-inch * 1.95-inch tires, with a significant improvement in tire width.

Designed to tackle any terrain with ease, this cutting-edge bike features a full suspension system that absorbs shocks and vibrations, providing a smooth and stable ride. Whether you’re navigating rough off-road trails or cruising on city streets, this bike ensures an unparalleled level of comfort and control. 

750W Electric Bike for Adults 26'' * 2.6 All Terrain Tire Electric Mountain Bikes 48V 17AH BMS Removable Samsung Battery Electric Bicycle

48V 750W Rear Hub Brushless Motor

Powered by a high-performance 48V 750W motor, this electric bicycle offers a thrilling and effortless riding experience. With its impressive power output, you can conquer steep hills and cover long distances with ease. The motor’s smooth and seamless performance ensures a thrilling acceleration while maintaining stability and control. 

Max speed: 40-45km/h (about 25Mph)
High Efficiency: More Than 80%
Low Noise: Less Than 60dB

48V 750W MOTOR

48V 17AH Hidden Long-Lasting Battery

The 48V 17AH Battery is designed to seamlessly integrate into your electric bicycle’s frame, providing a sleek and stylish appearance. With its hidden placement, the battery remains discreet, preserving the overall aesthetics of your bike.

This battery offers extended range and allows you to cover more distance on a single charge. Whether you’re commuting to work or embarking on a long recreational ride, this battery ensures that you won’t have to worry about running out of power.  


Waterproof Battery Samsung EV Cells
Removable, lockable
Easy to charge it separately
Long distance
Long life

Multifunctional Colorful LCD Display

Comfortable Handlebars with central color display, allows you to effortlessly access essential ride data, such as speed, battery levels, and distance traveled, ensuring you stay informed while keeping your focus on the road. Enjoy a seamless and enjoyable riding experience.

Multi functional LCD8 Display


Front and Rear Shock Absorber

27.5 inch * 2.6-inch Tires

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the 27.5-inch * 2.6-inch tire ensures enhanced traction and grip, ensuring a smooth and steady ride even in challenging conditions. The increased width adds an extra layer of comfort, absorbing shocks and vibrations to deliver a more enjoyable and comfortable cycling experience. 

Conquer bumps and rough roads with ease, thanks to the sturdy and durable 27.5-inch tires, providing stability and comfort on any surface

LED Headlight & Brake Light​

The LED Headlight & Brake Light is specifically designed for electric bicycles, providing bright and efficient lighting for improved visibility in low-light conditions. The headlight offers a powerful beam that illuminates the road ahead, ensuring a clear view of potential obstacles. With this headlight, you can confidently ride during dusk or in dimly lit areas.

front led light
Brake Light


Upgrade your cycling experience with our revolutionary 27.5-inch * 2.6-inch tire electric bicycle and rediscover the joy of riding with superior performance, comfort, and style.

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