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How to make an electric bike with a starter motor

How to make an electric bike with a starter motor


The opinions of fans of electric bicycles on the conversion of ordinary mountain bikes into electric mountain bikes:

36v 10A battery, 250w motor.

The refit cost us $280, and we also bought a flashlight and taillight for a total of us $320, a total of us $600.

1, The top speed of 33 yards, with the donkey than riding a 15-10 kilometers, 40 yards of road car left me a few kilometers. At that time, I wanted to spend more than 160 dollars and still could not run faster than a road car if I planned to change a 350w-500w large motor, but the 500w motor controller also needs to be changed, and the battery life is not so good, so using a 250w motor will save energy. Electric power is mainly uphill power or you ride the main, if the pursuit of speed more than 3,000 can buy a better entry-level road car.


2, Midway 20-80 km, I often ride about 50 km distance, how to ride can keep up with the big army is easy, manual electric hybrid ride, but also can buy a 36v to 5V USB converter to flashlight, mobile phone, MP3, speaker power supply, very excellent ride is not tired


3, Riding more than 150 kilometers this car is relatively pit, because dare to ride a long distance donkey friends can not be worse than the physical strength, than the leisure riding amateurs a lot better. You make an electric bike to ride with them, in the case of no electricity, your car is heavier than others, can not lag behind is good.


Pure electric mode can run about 40 kilometers in the medium speed, if the maximum speed of more than an hour to ride the power off. When the power is used up after 100 kilometers, although I can ride if my physical strength is not good, I will be left far away by others slowly. When I run out of electricity, I will encounter a big uphill and feel much more tired than others. You are too embarrassed to wait for someone for a long distance. To tell the truth, running more than 100-200 kilometers, the advantage of the electric car will slowly turn into a disadvantage. If you ride a long distance and then drag a 30-40 jin of luggage, it will be more tired than other people’s car.


4, To solve the problem of running long distance, in fact, more spare a few batteries on the body on the line, but the price of lithium battery is relatively high one is about 800-900 yuan, buy 3 fast batteries will spend 2-3 thousand yuan, this price can buy a mountain bike. If you are a local tycoon and don’t care about money, the purpose of converting an electric mountain bike is also to train you to run farther and more easily under the same physical condition. If you run a long distance with electric bike, the meaning of cycling will be lost.


The front motor theoretically has no rear wheel drive reluctance. The front drive has no magnetoresistance but the power is not as strong as the back drive. In the specific case, the speed-type rear drive commutes with the front drive. Brushless toothed motor, motor internal overrunning clutch, no matter which drive way there is no reluctance. Dual battery, 100 km pure electric run, 150 km hybrid ride. The advantage of this hybrid is that it can run long distances.


I have read a lot of materials about this kind of electric mountain bike in the past two days. Recently, I found a mountain bike with a mid-mounted motor. The advantage is that the mid-mounted motor is driven by the clutch of the central shaft. Power can be 5 gear control, power is also large. HOEBIKE patent, also has a motor, why added power cycling results are much lower than not added? Just because the motor power is low? Or is it really the added motors and batteries that increase the car’s weight? If you add a booster to the center shaft, you should be able to ride with 20% less power. When the pedal turns and the booster detects it, it will be sent to the controller to power up the motor. When you do not pedal, it will not be powered up. If you’re using a booster, you need a meter.

You can control the power throttle, gear, but with power, why not run without power of the pure mountain bike? Is it because the weight of the car increases this factor?

About the central shaft motor, there is no need to add booster now. I have seen two types, in which the motor of HOTEBIKE is a combination of true connection and pedal plate, and the motor is made by the motor

Very small, with the pedal coaxial, motor clutch.

So, when not electrified, ride like a regular mountain bike without electromagnetic resistance.

The picture shows that the speed of the electric mountain bike is 30-40, which is not safe. After all, the brake strength is based on the speed of the bicycle.

Motor about 5 kg, 5 kg battery is not good.

A mountain bike weighs only about 14 kilograms.

Equipped with 48v motor 48v20 ampere-hour battery can run long. With the power of different voltages of the motor, the mileage is different.

If the pure electric drive will run a long distance to meet a variety of complex road surface, coupled with long-distance equipment, vehicle weight increase.

Low power motor is easy to heat, resistance increases, power consumption increases.

In any case, the modified mountain bike is not handsome enough. If you want to pursue handsome models, you can choose electric bike enthusiasts

An electric bike in hotebike. 36V or 48V, 250w-2000w motor, can meet the needs of the industry.


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