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What is an folding electric bicycle

The contemporary society can be said to be the era calling for green environmental protection, which requires people to pay more attention to energy conservation, living environment and green environmental protection. Advocate low-carbon lifestyle to achieve sustainable development of society. E-bike is environmentally friendly, low energy consumption, is the best means of green transportation. Designing a foldable electric bicycle can bring convenience to people’s life and make them enjoy life better.

Folding Electric bicycles (foldingelectric bicycles; Folds the electrically operated bicycle). Folding electric bicycle, named YikeBike in English, is a foldable miniature electric bike invented by bicycle enthusiasts in New Zealand.

Electric folding bicycle is an innovative electric bicycle. The design concept is derived from the old bicycle with large front and small rear wheels, giving a unique feeling. The rider can sit up straight with his hands on his side while steering, his fingers operating the accelerator and brakes, and his feet firmly planted

On the footstool, the top speed is 12 miles per hour. The rider saves a lot of energy by not pedaling hard. The electric folding car weighs about 20 pounds and USES a lithium phosphate battery that can be charged up to 80 percent in 20 minutes. The car is a new type of electric bike, combining the double advantages of a folding bicycle and an electric bicycle. The first 100 electric folding cars were ready in mid-2010 for use in New Zealand and in Britain and other European countries.

A variety of brands are available on the Chinese market. The following is a picture of HOEBIKE folding electric bicycle:


There are also some folding e-bikes on the market:


Instructions: to get on the bike, sit up straight, put your hands on the side of the steering wheel, use your fingers to operate the accelerator and brake, and keep your feet firmly on the footrest. The seat design and specifications are very user-friendly, riders do not need to pedal hard, saving a lot of physical strength. From the front, the rider appears to be sitting on a bar stool at 17 kilometers per hour, an eye-opening sight as a person floats by without moving his legs. It took the inventor five years to develop and remodel the car, outfitting its interior with electric motors and greatly increasing its speed. The car also made little noise, and when it started, it sounded like an ordinary electric milk truck.

The inventors said they initially planned to design a unicycle, but found it too difficult for ordinary people to ride, so they ended up with a large front wheel and a small rear wheel. Although prototypes of bicycles with large front wheels and small rear wheels appeared in Victorian London, they were too big for riders to fall and get hurt. His new electric folding car, by contrast, is smaller and safer for anyone to ride. In their experience teaching cyclists, no one has ever fallen on an electric folding bike.

Traveling with personal cycling tools has become one of the ways to relieve pressure for more and more urbanites. You don’t ride to your destination, you take it along the way. When you arrive, schedule a ride at a certain time to feel close to nature. Elway has come up with a new backpack bike that folds so well that you can slip into it silently and easily.

It seems only natural for individual city trips to extend to long and short trips. The emergence of smart cars in daily life now offers another way of thinking. If you have a car, as long as the smart car can be folded into the trunk, carry the problem solved; If you don’t have anything but dream of having a folding bike on your trip, you can.

The riding performance is inseparable from the motor, battery and integrated system. This is all super well done with Hotebike folding electric bike. The 250W hub motor provides strong power during moving, and the shock absorption system in front and behind the vehicle gives you a stable and practical feeling. The vehicle control system embodies the intellectualization of Hotebike, which is not the traditional brake, but USES the big data algorithm to precisely output high-quality programs and realize the balance of energy consumption and passability in a short time. The detachable mode of the battery reduces the trouble of charging. Imported lithium battery is guaranteed in quality and safety, and the capacity and charging effect can also satisfy you.


  1. It is difficult to fold the wheels of ordinary electric bicycles due to their large size. In some special places, electric bicycles are required to enter and exit, such as elevators, buses and residential buildings. The folding electric car will take special circumstances into consideration, according to the different circumstances of the car body to part or all fold, according to different circumstances to adjust, no longer need to carry the electric car into the elevator, when necessary to carry out the car body fold, increase the convenience. If the electric car needs to be put into the private car’s trunk, it needs to be fully folded, and the wheels can be folded to the position parallel to the wheels.
  2. In addition, the stability of the bicycle wheels should also be taken into consideration. If the driving speed is slow, too large wheels are not conducive to the folding of the car body and occupy a large space after folding. Therefore, in order to improve the convenience, this folding electric vehicle USES a 16-inch wheel design, which not only enhances the stability, improves the speed of the car body, but also is more conducive to folding.
  3. The folding method can be used in two scenarios. The first is the walking carrying folding. The second folding and storage form, because the rear part of the design slide and the car in the middle of the big tooth plate part of the connection, the wheel can be sliding folding, sliding to parallel position with the frame, so that the whole bike folded to the frame size for easy storage.
  4. Considering the portability and installation problems, the battery adopts the keng battery module battery. There is no restriction on the installation model, and only enough power space is required for any arrangement. As the battery has a certain weight, it will not be stable if placed too high. Therefore, the battery is placed on the frame above the foot pedal, and the handle is pulled out for convenience.
  5. In order to improve the disadvantages of separated saddles, the saddle position can be adjusted to alleviate the fatigue of cyclists. The folding method can be used for two scenarios %3A the first one is the walking carrying folding. The rear wheel is rotated and folded to the parallel position of the front wheel, and then the handle can be dragged to walk. The position of the frame can be simply used to place temporary goods. The second folding and storage form, because the rear frame part of the design of the slide and the car in the middle of the big tooth plate part of the connection, the wheel can be sliding folding, sliding to the parallel position with the frame, so that the size of the whole bicycle folding frame easy to receive.




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