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How to overcome your tiredness and sluggish of the electric bike cycling

Whether you like to ride recreational or mountain challenge, cycling for a long time will inevitably have burnout period, in fact, “any sport will have burnout period”, but how to overcome this burnout period, is a knowledge.


People are apt to love the new and hate the old

Man is a creature that likes new things, so it is easy to be ecstatic when first touched by a bicycle, as if a new world had been opened up. But human nature is cruel, for repetitive things will feel boring, can not be excited. So many people just contact the bicycle to ride crazily, take pictures everywhere to clock, rode for a while but slowly felt bored, before long the corner of the home and more a car, so don’t be surprised.



Try something different

To overcome burnout, the most important thing is to check your “how to ride”, which consists of three parts: “bike route”, “ride intensity” and “who rides with you”.

Cycling route:

If you’re a casual cyclist, your natural route will be limited and easy to repeat. I suggest you draw a circle with a radius of 50 kilometers around your home, and go online to find out which routes to ride in the circle, which attractions or foods are worth visiting. Or ask directly in the group or circle of friends, you can ride a variety of routes to realize the fun of cycling.

Riding intensity:

If you’re an ascetic, you’re going to want to do your mileage every week, but if you’re bored and don’t ride, there’s no point in training, so if you’re tired physically and mentally, it’s okay to take a break. Do some exercise and eat something good to change your mood.

Who rides with you:

After all, people are social animals, and it’s always boring to be alone for too long, so I suggest you use a bicycle as a way to expand your circle of friends, rather than a mere exercise tool. Try joining a local bike team, going to a local bike shop for a chat, joining a friend’s bike ride, etc. Cycling itself won’t be boring when the bike is no longer just a bike but a part of your life.


(Bicycles can help you change your life.)


What should I do if I’m just not sociable and motivated?

The problem seems difficult, but the solution is surprisingly simple. It is not a problem that people are not good at communication. Everyone has his own habits and motivation can be acquired.

Is a big “no power” “physical”, while strength is a must by law, you can give yourself a lesson, hard and fast rules themselves every week, you must go out for a short period of time, 30 minutes, if the entire week has stick to reward ourselves, whether to eat good meal, or see a movie, let yourself feel “efforts have harvest”, in this way can cultivate physical, can let oneself have more power.



The above are some Suggestions for overcoming burnout, which I hope can be used as reference. After all, e-bike is not like running, just need a pair of shoes, the upfront investment is a certain amount of money, let it be placed in the corner of dust is really too bad.


What are some ways you can overcome cycling burnout? Welcome to chat with us in the comments section!



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