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How to keep your electric bike battery in good condition?

How to keep your electric bike battery in good condition?
You might be thinking of this title as one of the toughest things to do or maintain, that is maybe because you have been doing it wrong all time or you would not have come across some real-life beneficial tips and tricks to boost up your electric bike battery and save yourself and your wheel beast from the hustle ahead. If you are a newbie to e-biking, you might find this writing below a lot beneficial, or even if you’re experienced, you may also cram some quick tips on how to keep your e-bike battery range and lifespan prolonged.
It might not be difficult to recognize and consider the battery as the top fundamental in an e-bike’s functioning. Perhaps there are less obvious factors influencing its output when the tire hits dirt, and longevity in both terms; its overall lifespan and ride length (range).
Below we will provide you the best information to keep your e-bike battery in conditions to prolong its life.
You might know or not, the batteries like not to be stored in very hot or cold conditions, or to be placed in high moisturized environments. It is also not recommended to leave your batteries in a fully discharged state and as most batteries are Lithium-based, if they are left flat for a long time they may not perform afterward.
Store your battery between 15-25°C (59-77°F) in a dry area, these conditions are of a normal domestic house.
If your e-bike is not under your use for a quite long time it is very important to charge your battery before storage and then to charge the battery once a month to prevention from deterioration. 

Charging tips and tricks: 
Like any other kind of battery, Lithium batteries also don’t like to be left discharged at all. Consider it as a good habit to recharge your battery as soon as possible after it gets detained completely. We will recommend you charge your e-bike battery after every ride so that it is always ready to rock at the time of your next ride.
1.Don’t charge at a temp below 0°C (32°F)
2.If your battery has a switch on it, better to switch off the battery before charging.
3.An e-battery can be charged in both conditions, on or off the bike.
4.Keep your battery and charger on a dry surface away from any sources of heat, flammable materials, and humidity.
5.Only use the charger which is given with your e-bike for charging.
6.Never cover the battery or charger while it is charging.
7.If your battery is not in use, you are still recommended to charge it at least once a month.

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Electric Bike Battery

Charger care:
While you keep a check on your ebike battery, just do not forget to keep an eye on your charger too. Here are a few things to consider important for your charger care:
Remember to plug the charger into the battery before you switch on the mains.
Switch off the mains again before you unplug the charger from the ebike battery.
Remove the charger after you are done charging the battery and do not leave it connected permanently.

The not-to-do list:
Other things to keep in mind while you take care of your battery. Keep in mind not to do the things listed below:
1.Pierce with anything.
3.Keep in temperature over 60°C (140°F)
4.Short circuit the battery connections.
5.Sleep near a battery while it is charging.
6.Leave unattended the charger and battery whilst charging.

Last and not least:
Keep the battery away from children’s reach. 

Battery disposal: 
The batteries should be disposed of responsibly. Many local authorities offer recycling and facilities for disposing of batteries.

How to check your e-bike battery health?
They can easily be tested by measuring their voltage, current, and resistance. For taking precise measurements, one can use a multimeter for this purpose. Further, you have to connect a multimeter to the battery and once it is connected, you will need to choose the function that you wish to perform and proceed with testing the ebike battery.
The first step when your e-bike is just delivered to your doorstep is, not to take it out for a test ride all at once, it is, to charge the battery fully before you take it out on roads. Though you will get it shipped with around 60% charged it is what they call ‘sleep condition’ and you have to activate it by charging it completely. 
The second thing you need to check on that is it is secured and properly fitted to the frame? That’s the thing you need to check before every ride you are going to take. 
In keeping your battery long-term maintained, you need to check if you have enough battery in your e-bike to get you to the end of your ride. Taking care of your e-bike would not be an easier thing to do. Most e-bikes use Lithium-based batteries that have the same tech as your smartphone or your laptop. So, there is no particular need to drain your e-bike battery completely on regular basis to charge it again. You can plug in your e-bike battery and top it up any time you like just like your smartphone.
In order to get the best output of your e-bike battery, it is very important to know how to take care of it on longer terms.

The upper data was about the technical care of the battery of your e-bike, but the care does not end here, you must have to keep an eye on your ways to use your bike on road too and some other things alongside to keep your e-bike battery ongoing healthier for longer terms. We for sure will provide you with tips and precautions to take into your consideration. 

e-bike battery

A right mode in the right moment: One of the most obvious ones out of all is this. If you charge your e-bike battery in turbo mode, then you must know that your vehicle is not going to work properly all day and your ride would not last long. You have to switch through the bike’s mode for getting maximum efficiency and fun combined if you want to be out for a couple of hours or more. On roads, faster sections of trail, and connections, it is advised to ride in lower and mid settings (modes and naming are different per system), for tech and climbs, you can hit turbo, and when you have ridden for a longer time limp home.

Reduce the weight:
Machine and rider’s weight is perhaps the one of greatest factors affecting the range of your e-bike. As there are no exact fixes for the main weight, but the rider can help it by reducing any extra weight from the bike or the backpack. The difference in working efficiency can be noted on climbs, where there are electric bicycle motor and ebike battery both working hard to drive the rider in contrary with the situation in flat riders where the motor and battery are only working to maintain the rider’s speed. Whatever the way is, lighter riders tend to get more out of a charge. 

Use of right tires:
Rolling resistance is considered as another main factor in the range you get from a battery charge. It is mainly affected by tire compound, tread patterns, width, and pressure. It is also worth experimenting with the pressure to find out a comfortable balance while you always are recommended to choose the tires that best fit and suit your ride. The higher is pressure the lesser will be rolling resistance. 

Track choice:
Lots of steep climbs, bumps, and peevish single track will surely drain your battery in fewer kilometers rather than if you choose a track of gentle gradients and flowing turns and rounds.

Smooth pedalling: 
To help prolong the battery life and ride the range, you must opt for a good and smooth pedalling technique. Choose appropriate gears and spin your feet as opposed to stamping hard on pedals. Low gears for steep climbs put way less load on the motor and battery as well and vice versa.

Even Rides:
If you flow through turns instead of rushing and hammering in, stopping and hitting the gas hard again and again and abruptly your battery will praise you for sure as accelerating from zero puts bulks of workload on the electric bike battery.

Washing techniques:
Do not even think to jet wash your battery or motor as with any of the bike parts and despite what other e-biker might ‘suggest’ you, it is best not to jet wash. You might ignore this a bit and consider it an extreme precaution but do it at your own risk. A quick spray of some electrical contact cleaner at the battery terminals will for sure reduce corrosion potential and will help in maintaining good energy transfer.

Now as you are well familiar with almost all the tips and tricks and beneficial techniques on how to maintain your e-bike battery well, you are ready to rock on roads. Good luck.

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