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Electric bike Battery 48V 13AH LG cells, Rechargeable Li-ion Hidden Battery

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Suitable to fit 500 – 750W power motors
Long life, long distance lithium battery
48V E-Bike Systems
High Quality Lithium Cells​
Charging time: 5-7 hours
35-80KM per charge
Charger: 54.6V 2A
48V 13AH battery
cycle life: about 600 cycles 
Price: USD$460

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Electric bike Battery 48V 13AH LG cells, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Hidden Battery

HOTEBIKE 48V 13AH Lithium-ion battery is specifically designed for HOTEBIKE electric bike A6AH26. With high capacity and low internal resistance, you can charge and discharge the battery at any time. The battery is removable so you can either charge it in the bike or separately charge it in your room. Parameter Matching model: HOTEBIKE A6AH26
Style: hidden in the frame
Battery material: Lithium-ion
Nominal voltage: 48V
Rated capacity: 13Ah
Motor power: 500W – 750W
Charging time: 4-6 hours

Precautions The battery is not allowed to approach high temperature heat source
Battery charging environment temperature is between -5℃ and +45℃
Avoid charging in direct sunlight
Need to use a dedicated charger for charging
There should be no short circuit at the battery interface
Do not leave the battery in damp places or in water
Do not disassemble the battery or modify it without authorization
Do not apply external force to the battery or make it fall overhead
When the battery is not in use, it should be stored in a cool and dry place, and be insulated to prevent the heavy pressure and children from touching, and should be fully charged every two months 

Packing List: Battery *1

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