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Related to bicycle brakes (Part 2: Use brakes safely)

Related to bicycle brakes (Part 2: Use brakes safely)

Whether it’s a city bike or a mountain bike, braking is an indispensable component. It’s about the safety of the entire riding process. A traffic accident will occur if you are not careful.

1. The role of the brake

Many people have misunderstandings about the role of brakes. We brake to control the speed of electric bicycles, not just to stop.

2. Which wheel does the left and right handbrake correspond to?

Many people should know that there is a handbrake on each side of the bicycle. But do you know which wheel the front and rear brakes are on?

The position of the front and rear brake levers of the hand brake should be determined according to the legislation, customs and actual use of the country where the bicycle is sold. In China, the front brake lever is on the right, the rear brake lever is on the left, the left hand brake brakes the rear wheel, and the right hand brake system Move the front wheel.

In fact, the front brake has a better braking effect. Many novices prefer to use the rear brakes and less front brakes because they worry that using the front brakes will cause the heel to roll over. In fact, the front brake is safer in many situations, and you can learn to use the front brake quickly.

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3. Why do we mainly use front brakes?

The front brake will have a better braking effect. The control speed mainly depends on the friction force between the wheel and the road surface. The friction force is proportional to the pressure applied by the wheel to the road surface. When the front brake is used, the pressure on the front wheel and the road surface is strengthened due to the inertial relationship, and the braking effect is increased. The use of the rear brake has no such effect, and when the front brake is used, the pressure of the rear wheels on the road surface is greatly reduced, and the friction force becomes very small.

When going downhill, only the front brake has sufficient braking force, because the weight of the vehicle and the human body is mostly on the front wheels, and the friction between the front wheels and the road surface increases. However, the rear wheel has very little pressure on the road surface, the frictional force becomes smaller, the braking effect is very poor, and the rear wheel will lock and slip with a small braking force.

Many people find it safer to brake the front and rear wheels together. But in fact, such an approach is more likely to produce “flicking” phenomenon! Because the deceleration force of the front wheel is greater than the deceleration force of the rear wheel, if the front brake still brakes when the rear wheel slips, it will cause the rear wheel to flick past the front wheel. At this time, the force of the rear brake must be reduced immediately, or the rear brake must be released completely To restore balance.

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4. Things to pay attention to before using the front brake:

During an emergency stop, the body should move backwards and downwards in conjunction with the brakes. This can prevent the rear center wheel from lifting the rear wheels and even people flying out due to the center of gravity of the brakes.

The front brakes should not be used when the front wheels are turning. After skilled, you can use the front brakes slightly.

When there is an obstacle in front, try to avoid using the front brake.

Normally, the rear brake is mainly used as an auxiliary function. When the front brake is used, it is better to control the rear brake slightly.

5. When to use the rear wheel brake?

Most of the time the rear wheel brakes are only used as an auxiliary, but the following special cases must be used to stop the bike:

1) Wet and slippery road

Wet and slippery roads are easy to cause wheel slippage, and rear wheel slippage is easy to restore balance, so you must use the rear brake to stop the bike;

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2) Rugged road

On rugged roads, the wheels are likely to jump off the ground. When the front brake is used, the front wheels will be locked;

3) When the front wheel punctures

If you encounter a sudden tire puncture on the front wheels and still use the front brakes, the tires may break away from the steel rim, which may cause the car to overturn.

6. Braking skills

When using the electric bike front brake straight, the person’s body should lean backward to prevent the body from flying forward due to inertia;

When turning, use the brake, the center of gravity must move inward, and the tilt angle of the body must be greater than the tilt angle of the bicycle to maintain balance;

On general roads, when there is no worry about the front wheel slipping, the front brake controlled by the right hand is the main one, and the rear brake controlled by the left hand is the auxiliary; The front brakes are supplemented.

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