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Studies have shown that electric bicycles allow people to ride bicycles longer and more frequently

According to a new study, two wheel drive electric bike will make people ride bicycles longer and more frequently. The greatest impact on women. When we really need to find feasible and sustainable transportation, reduce traffic congestion and do more exercise, electric bicycles are indeed a practical means of transportation.

two wheel drive electric bike

Aslak Fyhri of the Institute of Transportation Economics concluded: Regardless of the number of kilometers, the amount of travel, or the total amount of riding, people ride electric bicycles twice as often as ordinary bicycles. Women owning electric bicycles are particularly effective. They ride electric bicycles. There are far more bicycle trips than men. On the other hand, men spend more time riding electric bicycles than ordinary bicycles. In general, electric bicycles rely on the cooperation of electric motors and batteries, which are also called electric bicycles. , Its essence is still a bicycle, but it is more popular than ordinary bicycles, so how to buy a high end electric bike that suits you? Please visit hotebike official website

two wheel drive electric bike

Electric bicycles eliminate many practical obstacles to riding. A researcher said: “In order to ride a regular bicycle to work every day, you must be prepared, logistically, and maybe change clothes and shower upon arrival. For many people, This is too much item. But with an electric bicycle, you can reach longer distances in a shorter time, and because you dont sweat, you can wear ordinary clothes or a suit jacket. Today, many short trips may be It is done by an electric bicycle.”

best mid drive electric bike

The effect of electric bicycles has increased over time, and over time, we have begun to realize that many of the things that we think require cars (such as weekly food shopping) can actually be achieved with electric bicycles. Some people now ride electric bikes for all short trips, so they are also called best mid drive electric bikes.

Riding an electric bike has brought great fun-she doesn’t have to drive or use public transportation, but she can still be accompanied by muscles and electricity, and she can also get some helpful fitness exercises from riding an electric bike

best mid drive electric bike

The researchers randomly selected participants and divided them into two groups. 66 people in the experimental group had unlimited use of electric bicycles, while 160 people in the control group had to use their own ordinary bicycles. The experimental group used to be cyclists, but with electric bicycles, their daily cycling trips increased from an average of 0.9 times a day to 1.4 times. Their average travel time has doubled from 4.8 kilometers to 10.3 kilometers (3 miles to 6.4 miles). With electric bicycles, they can meet almost half of their riding needs with bicycles. This shows the great potential of electric bicycles.

Anyone who thinks riding an electric bike is not exercise may never ride it. This is not a moped, but a bicycle that needs help. The way I rode an electric bike, after a round trip of 50 kilometers (30 miles), a very hilly ride, I was exhausted. I use the motor as little as possible and turn off the motor most of the time. Of course, the electric bike weighs 35 pounds, not 20 pounds. All in all, riding an electric bike is definitely exercising.

high end electric bike

You will find that you will be very tired and hate the sport when riding an ordinary bicycle uphill or long mountain, but if you use an electric bicycle to climb hills with the help of electric motors, you will find that the uphill is so easy and will Fall in love with this sport.

high end electric bike

Summarizing the convenience and experience brought by electric bicycles, it shows that electric bicycles are very suitable for travel. Hotebike is selling high end electric bikes. If you are interested, please visit the official website of hotebike.



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