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The Basic Specifications of Electric Bicycle

What are the basic specifications of electric bicycles that we need to know?

Power: Power is evaluated in two ways. Voltage from battery and power from motor. These two are the moest improtant part of an electric bike.The battery will output a certain voltage, usually 24-72 volts. The voltage has the most closely connection with the acceleration of the bicycle. The higher the voltage, the faster the acceleration. The output of the a motor is measured in watts, which means that the higher the number of watts, the faster the maximum speed and acceleration. The power range of electric bicycles is usually 250 to 2000 watts. But it is important to understand that the higher the voltage and wattage, the faster the bicycle will run out of batteries. 

electric bike motor

Therefore, if you choose a super high speed 72 V 1000W combination or 60V 2000W, you will need a huge and expensive battery to get any suitable range. Most electric bicycles, including the electric bicycles we sell in, are 24-36volt, connected to 250–350watt motors. This allows for comfortable acceleration and maximum speed of 20 mph(32KM/H). In some coutry like the United States, electric bicycles are limited to a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, because if they are faster, they will be considered as motorcycles by government, and then they need to be registered. But in European countries, 25km/h is the max speed limit.So somewhere between the two,choose the right one, find a reasonable mid-range.



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