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What is an ebike controller and HOTEBIKE controller types

What is an ebike controller and HOTEBIKE controller types


The controller is the core control device used to control the start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop and other electronic devices of the electric bicycle. It is like the brain of the electric bicycle and an important part of the electric bicycle.


Table of Contents:

1. Related functions

2. Reasons for invalidity

3. Common phenomenon of controller damage (HOTEBIKE)

4. Simple distinction of HOTEBIKE ebike controller

 hotebike ebike controller

Related functions


Ultra-quiet design technology: The unique current control algorithm can be applied to any brushless electric bicycle motor, and has a considerable control effect, which improves the general adaptability of the electric bicycle controller, and makes the electric bicycle motor and controller not Need to match again.


Constant current control technology: The locked-rotor current of the electric bicycle controller is exactly the same as the dynamic running current, which ensures the life of the battery and improves the starting torque of the electric bicycle motor.


Self-check function: divided into dynamic self-check and static self-check. As long as the controller is in the power-on state, it will automatically detect the related interface status, such as the lever, brake lever or other external switches, etc., once a failure occurs, control The controller automatically implements protection to fully ensure the safety of riding. When the fault is removed, the protection state of the controller will automatically restore.


Locked-rotor protection function: Automatically determine whether the motor is in a completely locked state or in a running state or a motor short-circuit state during over-current. If it is in a running state during over-current, the controller will set the current limit value at a fixed value to maintain The driving capability of the whole vehicle; if the motor is in a purely locked-rotor state, the controller will control the current limit value below 10A after 2 seconds to protect the motor and battery and save energy; if the motor is in a short-circuit state, the controller will output The current is controlled below 2A to ensure the safety of the controller and battery.


Dynamic and static phase loss protection: When the motor is running, when any phase of the electric bicycle motor has a phase failure, the controller will protect it to prevent the motor from burning out, while protecting the electric bicycle battery and prolonging the battery life.


Anti-runaway function: It solves the running-away phenomenon caused by the handlebar or line failure of the brushless electric bicycle controller, and improves the safety of the system.

1+1 power-assisted function: The user can adjust the use of self-assisted or reverse-assisted power, which realizes the supplementary power during riding and makes the rider feel more relaxed.

Cruise function: automatic/manual cruise function integration, users can choose according to their needs, enter the cruise in 8 seconds, stable driving speed, no need for handle control.

Mode switching function: The user can switch between electric mode or assist mode.


Output short circuit protection function:

The controller can realize the direct short-circuit protection of the output terminal, even when the motor is at the highest speed action (the highest voltage is usually output at this time) directly short-circuit the output terminal of the controller, the controller can also be very reliable protection. During protection, the circuit automatically reduces the output current to protect the safety of the battery. At this time, the current is about 0.3A, and the status of the output terminal is checked at any time. When the output terminal is faulty, the controller can automatically resume normal control and has a self-recovery function. Therefore, the controller has a self-protection capability, which improves the safety of the controller and the battery, and also improves the tolerance to the fault of the motor itself. In view of the actual use of electric bicycles, locked-rotor is one of the possible working conditions. If the controller can reliably protect the output terminal from short-circuit, the controller can also protect and protect the motor under the condition of motor locked-rotor. And the safety of batteries.


Over-voltage protection. The controller monitors the battery voltage and shut down the motor when the battery voltage is too high. This protects the battery from over-charge.  

Over-current protection. reduce the current to the motor if too much current is being supplied. this protects both the motor and the FET power transistors.

Over-temperature protection. The controller monitors the temperature of the FET( field-effect transistor) and shut down the motor if they become too hot. This protects the FET power transistors.

Low-voltage protection. The controller monitors the battery voltage and shut down the motor when the battery voltage is too low. This protects the battery from over-discharge.

Brake protection. The motor shut down when braking even though other signals taken by the controller at the same time. For example, if the user applies brake and throttle at the same time, the brake function wins.

 hotebike ebike

hotebike electric bike with hidden battery:


Reasons for invalidity

1. The power device is damaged;

2. The internal power supply of the controller is damaged;

3. The controller works intermittently;

4. The control signal is lost due to the wear of the connecting wire and the bad or falling off of the connector;


Common phenomena of damage to HOTEBIKE electric bicycle controller (The damage of the controller may cause the following phenomena, but if this problem occurs, the controller is not necessarily damaged)

1. The error code 03 or 06 appears on the LCD display;

2. Intermittent work of bicycle motors;

3. LCD black screen;

4. The LCD can be turned on, but the motor does not work;

For more details, please contact HOTEBIKE.


HOTEBIKE ebike controller types

 hotebike controller Shuangye controller

How to connect the electric bike controller?

The wire types and wire terminal(connector) of the e-bike controller could be different in the different controller design. You need the electric bike controller wiring diagram to ensure the right wiring connections.


Most e-bike controller will have these wires motor, battery, brakes, throttle/ accelerator or PAS Pedal Assist System (some controllers have both types of wires, some have one of them).


Some more wires are found in the advanced controllers, such as Display or speedometer, Three speeds, Reverse, LED light, etc.


Here are the e-bike controller wiring diagrams of HOTEBIKE.

The wires in the picture are not available on all hotebike controllers, and some controllers have more wires than it.

e-bike controller wiring diagrams


There are many types of HOTEBIKE controllers. The following tips can help you purchase a new controller more smoothly.


1. Regarding whether more accessories of the bicycle are quick release.

If it is, then the “display line” should have 6 wires, otherwise it should be 5 wires. The following is the appearance of the bicycle to distinguish whether the accessories are quick release.

quick release

hotebike electric bike wires


Non-quick release

hotebike electric bike wires


2. Please check if your bike has a line corresponding to the new rear flashing light and the controller. as the picture shows,Two sets of black and red lines..

hotebike brake lights

ebike controller


3. Whether the cable of the controller is long or short. If the line shown is similar in length, then it is short; if there are a few particularly long lines, then it is long.

it is short:

electric bike controller

it is long:

 electric bike controller problems


4. Do these three wires use green sockets or silver rings?

e-bike controller problemselectric bicycle controller


5. If your bicycle or controller is before October 2019, please provide additional explanation to the customer service, because this may involve one or two other issues. thanks.


If you can take the answers to these questions to find a merchant to buy a controller, then this will be a reason for faster delivery.

hotebike official website:




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