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Yamaha Electric Bike and HOTEBIKE Full Suspension Electric Bicycle

Yamaha has unveiled its new Yamaha YDX MORO electric mountain bike line, which is Yamaha’s first full suspension electric mountain bike. The HOTEBIKE 2021 new models feature latest mid-drive e-bike motor and a brand new frame design unlike anything we’ve seen before. 
The Yamaha YDX MORO electric mountain bike line shows off Yamaha’s new patent-pending dual-twin frame design that features a split frame setup on both the top tube and the down tube.

The split top tube allows the saddle to rest lower by making more room for the rear shock. That offers lower standover height at rest and helps get the saddle lower on tough, technical terrain where riders will be standing on the pedals, no saddle needed.
The split downtube cradles the bike’s 500Wh battery and protects it in a cage-like structure. That not only helps prevent damage during drops or from twisting during a crash, but it also makes battery swaps easier than on other frames that conceal the battery inside the downtube. The design of the Yamaha YDX MORO also uses a steeper-than-typical downtube angle resulting in moving the battery further rearward and better centering the weight of the bike.

As Yamaha further explains:

Within this exclusive frame design, the drive unit is rotated in alignment with the down tube angle — better aligned with the axel path and the ground. The drive unit simply fits better within the frame than competing models. Placed more vertically in the frame, flex is decreased, clearance is increased, and the rear center measurement is shortened, keeping the chain stay short. Because the drive unit is in a fixed position in the frame, it is tucked in and tracks with the frame while cornering.
Together, the split top tube and down tube give a funky new look that only marks the beginning of the list of innovations in the Yamaha YDX MORO e-bike line.

Next, the new electric mountain bikes feature Yamaha’s latest mid-drive motor, the Yamaha PW-X2.

The PW-X2 mid-drive motor system uses a unique quad-sensor setup that detects pedal speed, pedal torque, bike speed, and incline angle to more precisely calculate the required pedal assist output. How well does it work? That answer will have to wait until we get a test unit to review. But the marketing sure sounds great, right?!

New helical gears used in the PW-X2 apparently help reduce the noise of the motor, which is especially welcome in electric mountain bikes that operate far away from city noises that mask the sound of commuter e-bike motors.

The PW-X2 also features an automatic mode. No, unfortunately it’s not automatic shifting in terms of the bike’s gears, but rather through the pedal assist levels. When engaged, it can intelligently shift between Eco, Standard, and High mode. This sounds like another system that is hard to gauge without actually trying it, but I can see the merit. There’s nothing worse than riding down a valley and then hitting a hard climb back up at the bottom, only to realize you’re still in the lowest pedal assist level.

The motor also has a new EXPW mode that adds assist up to a pedal cadence of 170 RPM. At that high pedal cadence, this mode can be helpful for technical sections or steep hill climbs where a rider might shed gears rapidly and pedal with all they’ve got, or even on startup where a quick spin of the pedals is needed to get up to speed.

We know the bike will be a Class 1 model with assist up to 20 mph (32 km/h), but we’re still in the dark about many other details.

What the heck, let’s start a guessing game about how much this thing is going to cost! I’ll be shocked if they get it under $4k, though that might be possible for the non-pro model, which looks to sport slightly lower-spec suspension components, perhaps among other compromises. Let me know what you think of Yamaha’s first full suspension electric mountain bike.

Yamaha YDX Moro Pro

These are Yamaha’s first full-suspension Class one electric mountain bikes, using 27.5″ wheels and offering 160mm of travel. The difference between the Moro and the Moro Pro is primarily componentry. The Moro uses a RockShox Revelation RC fork and Deluxe Select+ rear shock while the Moro Pro uses YARI RC fork and Super Deluxe Select+ rear shock. The shifers and the wheels are also upgraded on the Moro Pro, which is why it sells for more: $5499 vs $4499. Both have Yamaha’s next-generation PW-X2 drive unit, which has fairly sophisticated programming compared to anything we are familiar with.

HOTEBIKE Full Suspension Electric Bicycle

Motor: 48V 750W rear hub motor
Battery: 48V 13AH lithium battery
Tire: 27.5″*1.95 tire
Disc brake: front and rear 160 disc brake
Display: Multi function LCD3 display
Max Speed: 40km/h
Gear: Shimano 21 speed with derailleur
Controller: 48V 750W intelligent brushless controller
Front fork: suspension aluminium alloy front fork
Fully suspension: suspension front fork and suspension middle device
Size: 27.5″
Range per charge: (PAS mode) 60-100km

Component Diagram of the Handlebar

1: Comfortable grip
2: Brake Levers
3: Aluminium Alloy Handlebar 
4: Waterproof Multifunctional LCD Display
5: SHIMANO 21 Speed gear with brake lever
6: Electric system ON/OFF button PAS adjustment
7: Thumb Throttle
8: Quick release port

HOTEBIKE full suspension ebike video on Youtu:

As for us, the new HOTEBIKE strike us as the best of that young industry so far. The bike, in either guise, is a well balanced, user-friendly machine. It has a super smooth pedal-assisted power delivery. We have ridden others that are so abrupt that control is difficult. The power and weight of electric mountain bikes can easily exceed the limitations of traditional bicycle components. The wheels, tires and suspension just aren’t up to the increased demands. With the HOTEBIKE smooth assistance, you don’t have that problem. It offers power levels that will be familiar to anyone who has previously riden pedal-assisted mountain bikes, plus there are other modes that can be helpful. 

As motorcycle guys who use bicycles for training, we’re fascinated with electric bikes and love the fact that HOTEBIKE is finally serious about offering a legitimate contender. We’ve discovered you can get the same workout on an E-bike as on an old-school pedal bike, you just have more fun and cover more ground. Most of the Pros in the off-road racing world use electric bikes to pre-ride race courses. The fact that most high-end bicycles are almost the same price as HOTEBIKE’s pedal-assist, HOTEBIKE offers much better PRICE. If you’re one of those guys who has been waiting for the GOOD PRICE in the E-bike world to level off before you invest in it, the time has come.

HOTEBIKE full shock absorption electric bicycle upgrade tires:



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