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Color-changing Polarized Sunglasses For Outdoor Sports Cycling


Applicable gender : Universal
Frame material : PC
Lens material : TAC
Applicable face type : universal
Product weight : 24.4g

Note: Does not ship to European regions.

1. Reduce the damage of dust to eyes
The air contains a lot of impurities such as dust and pollen. If it enters the human eyes, it is very easy to cause allergies to the eyes. It is easy to cause symptoms such as red and swollen eyes, itching, and abnormal tears. Wearing glasses or sunglasses can effectively block allergies from entering Eyes, play a role in protecting eyes.
2. Reduce ultraviolet rays entering the eyes
Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that are harmful to human eyes. Ultraviolet rays can cause excessive eye irritation and are harmful to human eyes. Wearing sunglasses can effectively block ultraviolet rays from entering the eyes, thereby protecting the eyes from harm.

New type of color-changing polarized sunglasses: polarized lens/coated true film






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