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Why do so many people like cycling

In recent years, more and more people like to ride electric bicycles. Riding has become a fashion and has become a part of life. However, many people don’t understand that riding is so tiring and hard. Why do so many people like it?


No time constraints, no worry about traffic jams on the road, just go wherever you want. Regardless of the rising sun before dawn, or the beginning of the lights after sunset; whether it is a short distance of one or two days or a long distance of several months, you have the final say.

Energy saving and environmental protection, saving money.

Cycling is a healthy way of sports tourism, you can fully enjoy the beauty of travel, an electric bicycle, a backpack, you can travel, low-carbon environmental protection, and exercise.

Burn fat and lose weight.

Riding an electric bicycle is a good aerobic exercise. The hands, feet and other parts are constantly moving during riding, so a lot of calories will be consumed, causing sweat to be discharged, making it difficult to lose weight.

Pleasant mood and relieve stress.

Galloping on the road, watching the beautiful scenery along the way, breathing the fresh air, listening to the harmonious music, the happy heart is about to fly out.

Prevent many diseases.

Many sports are local sports, while riding an electric bicycle is a whole-body sports. During riding, not only can exercise the leg muscles, but also exercise the muscles of the back, buttocks and wrists, thereby improving the cardiopulmonary function, and effectively preventing and improving arteriosclerosis. Diabetes, hypertension and other diseases.

Make you younger.

Scientists have found that regular outdoor sports such as cycling can enhance the skin’s resistance to UV damage, enhance the absorption of oxygen and nutrients by the skin cells, and enhance blood circulation, thereby improving the body’s metabolic capacity and making you look Young and more energetic.

We can drive over mountains and stand on top of high mountains.

The oncoming wind tells us something called feelings.

We couldn’t help cheering and shouting loudly.

 I think this is a yearning for freedom, but also a love for a better life.

Riding on an electric bicycle, you will find that in the long-term city, the bicycle looks so free, like an elf, traveling freely in the world.

Because you ride an electric bike, you will find that you are getting thinner, your beautiful legs and abdominal muscles are coming out, and you will not get fat no matter how you eat.

Because you are riding an electric bicycle, you will find that the kindness and integrity of the girl who rides the bicycle has left a mark in your heart, and the girl with heavy makeup is no longer the focus of your attention.

Because you ride an electric bicycle, you will find your mobile phone in your pocket, and face to face has become the most common way of communication.

Because you ride an electric bike, you find that your social circle has expanded. Riding friends from all over the world are your friends. Walk with you and discuss what you like.

Because you are riding a bicycle, you are looking forward to a journey you can go. You will find beautiful bicycle routes to be your favorite, from the green grass with crystal dew on the side of the road to the majestic mountain top without clouds, the endless starry sky and the ocean.

Because riding an electric bicycle, you will find the cosmetics on the washstand are missing. Riding an electric bike makes you look good and full of energy. All money for cosmetics is used to upgrade accessories.

Because riding an electric bicycle, you will find that you don’t have to worry about amnesia anymore. The agility of the nervous system brought by riding effectively delays the aging of the brain.

Because riding an electric bicycle, you will find that the heart disease has begun to slowly move away from you. Riding to improve cardiopulmonary function is one of the best tools to overcome heart problems.

Because you ride an electric bike, even if you get older, you will be ignored. Studies have shown that cycling can be equivalent to swimming and running, and the life span of internal organs can produce excellent exercise effects. Cycling is the most effective way to eliminate toxins and heavy metals in the body.

The distance between the two wheels may be separated by mountains, perhaps by the soul. But there is a certain strength and a certain spirit between them. This spirit allows us to plunge into it without hesitation, unable to extricate ourselves. Feel the pain, feel the master. It transmits a certain sound from this end of the mountain to the other end of the mountain.

We have a lot of well-intentioned consolation and a lot of self-evident stories.

We work hard to move forward, towards poetry and the distance!

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